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The future leaders of tomorrow need to have a strong base in logical reasoning. The Bangladeshi math curriculum is not enough to give your children the edge they need. To give your little on the best possible math education, you could consider Singapore Math. Singapore Math is a unique curriculum that was developed and implemented in Singapore in 1982. Since then, world leaders in education, such as: the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, the Netherlands etc. have since adopted this curriculum. Singapore Math makes it easy and fun to understand math and develops strong mathematical reasoning.

How is Singapore Math different?

Instead of just having children tackle difficult math problems head on, Singapore Math follows the CPA method. The CPA method consists of three steps- Concrete, Pictorial, and Abstract. 

First, children are taught math using concrete objects in front of them. For example: children might learn counting with toys.  This is the Concrete stage.

Next, in the Pictorial stage students use pictures and graphs to understand basic problems, like drawing bar graphs to compare two numbers. 

Finally, once your little one has a firm foundation, they begin to approach math in the Abstract stage. This is the point where children encounter numbers and symbols.

Benefits of Singapore Math

Since implementing this curriculum, children in Singapore have been in the top 3 in the world when it comes to math. They are much better at mathematical and logical reasoning than children in the USA or the UK. As a result, Singaporean children tend to score 30-40% higher than other children in exams.

Children often fall behind on math because the curriculum in Bangladesh doesn’t place enough emphasis on the basics. Normal curriculums do not give children the chance to visually understand the number and math problems and directly puts them in the abstract stage. As a result, children often don’t have a full understanding of what they are studying. They start to fear math itself. Singapore Math develops children’s mathematical thinking so that they can easily keep up with what they are taught in school. 

Kid’s Time Singapore Math Program:

Kid’s time offers an interactive Singapore Math program that develops your children’s math and problem-solving skills. Our two year long course offers a learning environment with 10-12 students per class, so your child may get all the attention he or she needs. The course is available in our offline centers and online platform. 

Ensure your child doesn’t fall behind on math. Give them the skills they need to become the leaders of tomorrow. Enroll in Singapore Math.

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