"Teaching is a Creative profession, not only a knowledge-sharing system."

Meet Our Teachers

We've gathered countries best Teachers who teaches children's in Creative way with Fun and Joy!

Kids Time - Sadia Elma

Sadia Elma

Craft Teacher

Kids Time - Saima Afrin

Saima Arifin

Coding Teacher

Kids Time - Trishna Das

Trishna Das

Drawing Teacher

Kids Time - Amitabh Sarker

Amitabh Sarker

Drawing Teacher

Kids Time - Maliha Tasnim Muna

Maliha Tasnim

Craft Teacher

Kids Time - Lutfunnahar


Math Teacher

Kids Time - Farhana Poly

Farhana Poly

Spoken English Teacher

Kids Time - Rajib Sarker

Rajib Sarker

Drawing Teacher

Kids Time - Tanni Chakma

Tonni Chakma

Drawing Teacher

Kids Time - Sanjana Rahman

Sanjana Rahman

Drawing Teacher

Career at Kids Time

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