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Creativity has no bound! Unleash your child's creativity with Kids Time from anywhere.

We are offering some amazing Live Online Courses like Crafting, Drawing, Singapore Math and Spoken English. Your child now can join these courses through online from anywhere in the country or abroad while sitting at home.

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Craft Course

Best Crafting Course for 4-10 Years Old Children

To enhance a child's creativity, problem-solving skills, and ability to create something new, Kids Time offers craft courses where children can learn Craft and Creative Design at the same time.

Our skilled teachers helps the children's to unleash their inner creativity. We provide all the necessary materials for the course.

Drawing Course

Best Drawing Course for 5-12 Years Old Children

Drawing is the best form to unleash child's creativity and imagination skill. We have gathered countries best Drawing teachers who helps children's to learn how to draw something new and make their imagination come true.

Kids Time Drawing Course has different levels from Basic to Advanced.

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Singapore Math Course

World's Best Math Course for 5-8 Years Old Bangladeshi Children
Singapore is the world leader in math program. The country comes on top for 20 years now. Kids Time brought Singapore Math program for Bangladeshi children's. Through this program, children learn from the best math curriculum in the world from the best teachers.
Singapore Math program helps children to stay ahead by 2-years from the local academic curriculum and develops their math and problem-solving skills. 

Spoken English Course

International Spoken English Course for 5-8 Years Old Children

Joy School English is an American company that teaches children to speak English. By using their learning app, children happily learn to speak English like native speakers.

Joy School English and Kids Time jointly offers the best program for children in Bangladesh to develop their English Speaking skill.

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