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About Kids Time

Kids Time, launched in 2017 by Light of Hope Ltd., aims to boost children's creativity and prepare them as future leaders through engaging courses. We offer an after-school program that includes Crafting, Drawing, Spoken English, and Singapore Math. Additionally, we have a pre-school program titled Kids Time Montessori School. With over 4000 graduates, Kids Time focuses on nurturing young minds and fostering their creativity and leadership skills.


Our Services

Kids Time After-School Program

We offer amazing courses in our after-school program, including Crafting, Drawing, Singapore Math, and Spoken English. Your child can join these courses online from anywhere in the country or abroad, right from home. Additionally, these courses are available at our Dhanmondi and Khilgaon centers.

Craft Course

Best Crafting Course for 4-10 Years Old Children

To enhance children's creativity, problem-solving skills, and ability to innovate, Kids Time offers craft courses where they can learn easy crafts and creative design simultaneously. Our skilled teachers help children unleash their inner creativity, providing all necessary materials for the courses and craft projects.

For admission details, call us directly or WhatsApp.

Drawing Course

Best Drawing Course for 5-12 Years Old Children

Drawing is the best form to unleash a child's creativity and imagination skill. We have gathered countries' best Drawing teachers who take drawing classes for children. They help children to learn how to draw something new and make their imagination come true. Kids Time Ultimate Drawing Course has different levels from Basic to Advanced.

For admission details, call us directly or WhatsApp.

Singapore Math Course

World's Best Singapore Math Online Course for 5-8 Years Old Bangladeshi Children

Singapore is the world leader in math education, topping global rankings for 20 years. Singapore Math simplifies complex concepts with visual and practical methods. Kids Time offers Singapore Math program for Bangladeshi children, teaching them from the world’s best curriculum and teachers. This program helps children stay two years ahead of the local academic curriculum, enhancing their math and problem-solving skills.

For admission details, call us directly or WhatsApp.

Spoken English Course

International Spoken English for kids from 5 to 8 Years Old. The Best Online Spoken English Course In Bangladesh.

Joy School English is an American company that teaches children to speak English. By using their English learning app, children happily learn to speak English like native speakers. Joy School English and Kids Time jointly offers the best online spoken English course in Bangladesh for kids to develop their English Speaking skill.

For admission details, call us directly or WhatsApp.

Our Services

Kids Time Montessori Pre-School

At  Kids Time, we believe in nurturing young minds and fostering creativity and leadership among children. Kids Time is pioneering the Montessori method in Bangladesh’s pre-school with its first campus in Dhanmondi. Our Montessori-inspired curriculum is designed to spark curiosity, ignite creativity, and empower children to become confident, independent learners.

Enrollment Information

We are currently accepting applications for enrollment at Kids Time Montessori School, Dhanmondi 9/A, Dhaka.

We are offering extremely limited seats. Just 15 seats per batch. To reserve your child’s spot, contact us!