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Light of Hope Ltd. started a popular after-school program, Kids Time, in 2017. So far, over 4000 students have graduated. The main goal of Kids Time is to enhance children’s creativity and prepare them as future leaders through our various courses. We plan to expand through three phases:
Phase 1: By 2025, establish 25 centers.
Phase 2: By 2032, establish 100 centers.
Phase 3: By 2037, establish 1000 centers.
In 2037, Kids Time will celebrate its 20th anniversary. By that year, there will be two Kids Time centers in each upazila of Bangladesh. In these centers, the country’s brightest and most creative 100,000 children will learn future skills and leadership skills.

Build your own profitable and fulfilling education business with Kids Time Franchise

Available Business Models

Franchise Owned Company Operated (FOCO)

You Invest and We Operate, you take Profit Share

Franchise Owned Franchise Operated (FOFO)

You Invest and Operate, you take Whole Profit

Is Kids Time Franchise Right for You?

Obviously YES!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It mostly depends on you finding a suitable location for a Kids Time Center. Franchisees typically can open a Kids Time within 3 months of signing of the Franchise Agreement.

We will arrange a tour for you so that you can get a good understanding about Kids Time center operation.

Those who wants to operate and own a Kids Time Center, for them being a Kids Time Coordinator and Franchisee is a full time business commitment.

We ensure that setting up a Kids Time Center is a worthwhile financial investment for you. We cover the details during Franchise Orientation.

We will cover the details during Franchise Orientation.

Once you qualify as a potential Kids Time Franchise owner, you’ll participate in our Training.

Those who wants to operate their own franchise, need to remain directly involved in the day-to-day operations. You can decide how many assistants you will hire. However, you need to remain the “face” of Kids Time to prospective and existing students and parents. But if you want Kids Time to directly operate the franchise, then we will enter into a different agreement, where the profit will be shared with you.

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