Kids Time 6th Birthday Celebration

Kids Time is the largest after-school brand in Bangladesh. This year Kids Time is celebrating its 6th birthday. From the time we started to take baby steps till today, our goal has been simple. It is to – nurture children’s creativity and make them future leaders. 

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The journey of trying to create a space for children and becoming the largest after-school brand in Bangladesh was difficult. However, during all our difficulties, and in times of calamities we have always found support and love from our parents and students. They have always supported us. 

Kids Time began at restaurants. At that time, we arranged small craftingdrawing events at restaurants on Fridays and Saturdays. Kids Time’s journey as an after-school brand started a bit later. We started our journey in a small room in Lalmatia. As days progressed Kids Time family grew bigger and bigger to the point Kids Time had eight branches at different locations in Dhaka. 

During COVID everything came to a halt. While everyone was stuck at home we started the Kids Time Home Show. This is what inspired us to bring Kids Time back with online classes. Children from all over Bangladesh joined our online sessions. 

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From the beginning of our journey till now, more than 4000 students have graduated from Kids Time. We have children attending Kids Time from all over Bangladesh and abroad. All of this was made possible by our beloved parents and children. Without their support, love, and appreciation we wouldn’t have been able to achieve any of these. 

Hence, Kids Time’s 6th birthday is not just a celebration for us but also for the parents, teachers, and children. We have crossed paths for half a decade with you. We want you by our side for decades on end.