Kids Time is the leading institute to prepare children with the right academic and social skills for the future. Our international curriculum and strong teacher selection and training program make us a unique institute. We work with international companies to bring their program for Bangladeshi children too. Our goal for teachers is to hire, train, and retain the best teachers in Bangladesh with an exciting career path. Graduates, existing teachers, and ex-teachers who are highly dynamic can work from home, and are excellent in children engagement through online platforms like Zoom – are our initial target group of teachers.

Kids Time is hiring a Math Teacher for their Singapore Math Program – the most advanced math curriculum in the world for the early grades.

Who can apply?

1. Early-grade math teachers in Schools

2. Teachers who teach other math programs like Aloha, Kumon, etc. in Bangladesh

3. Pre-school and early-grade teachers

Skills Required

1. Excellent understanding of pre-school math curriculum and content

2. Good Communication skills

3. Ability to take interactive online classes

Other Requirement for Application

1. Can take online classes from home (Friday-Saturday is a priority)

2. Must have own laptop and good internet connection at home

Job Responsibility

1. Conduct online classes regularly based on Kids Time content, curriculum, and guideline

2. Maintain a very good relationship with the parents

3. Maintain student database, regular class attendance, and other administrative works

4. Regular reporting to the management

5. Other responsibility determined by the management

How to Apply?

Send us your CV to

Email: kidstimebdjob@gmail.com

Subject: Application for Kids Time Online Math Teacher

Address: 67/A, Rezina Garden, Dhanmondi 9/A, Dhaka- 1209

For any queries please contact:

Nadia Sharmeen

Asst. Manager