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About Us

Kids Time is a Light of Hope Ltd. brand that runs after-school programs in their centers for children between 3-12 years old.

Light of Hope Ltd. is an education company based in Bangladesh working to provide 21st Century Skills like Creativity, Problem-solving skills, Emotional Intelligence and Moral values to children.

We offer fun-packed and activity-based after-school courses in our centers for children to help them become a critical thinker, creative and emotionally intelligent. We work with parents to give them valuable education and learning on how they can help their children to grow as a confident and self-learning individual.

Kids Time has a number of courses for children between 3-12 years old. Parents can enroll their children by directly communicating with the center coordinators in their nearby locations.

We offer some of our courses and activities to interested schools. School can take our courses for their students.

We also offer our Creative Workshop and other creative activities in the schools. To know more, you can call at 01968774018.

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