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We Want Children to Learn Coding. Here’s why?

In Kids Time, we are big fans of Musk and his work. He alone is responsible for changing the entire car industry and transition to renewable energy. We need more Elon Mask in the future for the sake of a better world.

coding and programming for kids

If we need more Elon Mask, we need to help our children to develop critical thinking, logical reasoning, coding and programming skills at an early age. We have been focusing on creativity, problem-solving, empathy and values for children between 4-8 years old in the last 3 years with our various creative courses.

As some of our students are getting older, we were looking for an advanced program in the area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) especially Coding, Robotics and Programming. Over the last two years, we have tried various programs from Kids Time’s Little Scientist to Avishkaar Box’s Robotoics course.

But over time, we found those programs are not scalable to entire Bangladesh. We were constantly looking for program that is very high quality, engaging, scalable and also affordable to a lot of students in Bangladesh.

kids coding

So, finally, we partnered with Educode Academy – a US/Canada-based coding company operating in 140+ countries teaching advanced coding programs to over 400k+ students. Just like Joy School English, the Spoken English program that we launched with US-company Alegra Learning Inc, we are making some necessary changes for Bangladesh.

Why we want children to learn coding?

The 4th industrial revolution will change the way we work and the type of work we will do in the future. About 50% of the current jobs will be obsolete by the Year 2035 – just around the time when our students will enter the job market or start their career. The most important skills that our students need are critical thinking, analytical skill, logical thinking, computer programming and coding. The coders and programmers, data scientists are the people who will rule the world. And our students in Bangladesh, if they want to secure a strong global career, coding and programming will be the key to that. The more coders, programmers and software engineers we will develop, as a country, we will be in much better position in the future.

learn coding children

Making Educode program contextualized for Bangladesh

As parents and students want to have tutoring support, we are offering LIVE tutoring sessions along with the year-long access to the Educode platform. Some of the best coding tutors are handpicked and trained by Educode are mentoring, guiding and supporting students. This special addition is only available in Bangladesh out of 140 countries where Educode is offering their courses. In Kids Time, we believe great teachers can change lives and make children learn amazing things. We are keeping our motto for this global course too.

Making coding program affordable to Bangladeshi students

To make the program affordable for students in Bangladesh, we negotiated the global price by 40% with educode. This means parents can enroll their children for the entire year with just BDT 10,000 tk. And can be paid in two installments. We also kept tutoring support up to 6 months where students can get 1-hour sessions only for BDT 250. This will be a game-changer for a lot of students in Bangladesh who aspire to work in companies like Apple, Google, Facebook or Tesla. Or want to build a company like these in the future.

This will be a great opportunity for any student between 10-18 years old in Bangladesh. Coz the future is #Coding and those who will learn these skills will have the best career. If you are interested to learn about the Educode coding course, please click the image below.

coding for children
Click the image to know more about Educode course