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Top 5 Myths Exposed about Kids Coding

A skill or knowledge is never useless”. We believe this statement is precise in the case of exposing coding to kids. This is more like teaching swimming, cycling, cooking etc. to kids, as we present our kids with more and more unique skills, it will help them to be more self-confident and independent. 

Also, in today’s world, there are countless reasons why knowledge of computers is a crucial aspect of learning in schools. Yes, technology is everywhere, and it guides students to survive and attain success in any future career or business world they choose. So along with other academic subjects, if the kids gain acquaintance to computer coding, it will undoubtedly help them in their profession. The five myths about teaching young kids coding are as below:

Age of the kids

Some parents think that in the age group of 4-10 years, kids are too young to understand coding. But this is not true. Parents will have to understand that coding is like any foreign language and that, for learning any language, sooner the better. So, this is the best age for the kids to understand new concepts, memorize new vocabulary, and relate notions and things. According to some researchers, benefits of coding include elevation of creative and critical skills, reasoning aptitude. Hence there is no harm for the kids if they are taught coding during childhood.

Coding is like any foreign language, learning sooner the better.

Coding is for high IQ students and should not be taught as a general training

Some people think coding is only for students with high IQ or good grade. Some think it should not be taught as general training. Bangladesh Government already incorporated coding learning in the curriculum. 10 Years ago, we thought we should not teach computer stuff to our kids. Look how things change within 10 years. Even 1-year-old kid now operates smartphone to find their video on youtube.

So all the kids irrespective of their personality traits, be it a girl or boy should learn to code. Coding will enhance their communication skills, problem-solving capabilities. The kids will also learn the importance of coding – team and teamwork, hence seek to collaborate with others.

Too young to code?

Only gifted kids can learn to code

This is one of the biggest myths, not only in the case of coding but in other aspects of life. Proper guidance, learning and practice are the keys to master any skill or art. This applies in the case of coding as well. Teachers and parents can guide kids with a gradual learning process. They can start with user-friendly games and can move on to more specific programs. Also, each child has a different learning pace. Coding course that offers flexible learning style and also has scope to learn from a teacher, is a very good option.

Coding lessons are boring

People often think coding or programming is boring and kids don’t enjoy it. It depends a lot on the contents and the teachers who are involved. Courses offered by educode with fun-story, animation and micro-lessons are very interesting for kids. Whereas, Whitehat Jr offers LIVE one-to-one coding classes for students. Their focus on selecting great teachers is the key to their popularity. Coding courses can be as fun as drawing, crafting or watching an animation movie for kids if parents choose the right option.

Coding Courses are expensive

The common perception is that coding courses are expensive. But for example, an $180 investment for year-long access to educode platform is a very good deal. For Bangladesh, they are offering it at only $120 for a year (or $10/month) through a partnership with Light of Hope Ltd. There are some free online courses that might be helpful too. Stemon Bangladesh is offering BDT 2500 per month package to teach coding for children too.

Whichever option you choose, always consider who can make sure that they offer entertaining, interesting and engaging way to coding learning.

About EduCode Course

EduCode Academy – a US & Canada-based company starts its operation through a partnership with Light of Hope Ltd. to prepare children with the necessary skills in coding and programming. You can learn more about EduCode Program in Bangladesh here.

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