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ToguMogu parenting app raises investment

ToguMogu Pvt Ltd. – the company that launched Bangladesh’s first parenting app, raises Angel round investment through Bangladesh Angels Network (BEN).

What it means for Bangladeshi Parents?

Parenting is hard. It is harder for new young parents. Every day, in Bangladesh 8000 new children are born. 50% of them are first-born in the family. ToguMogu Parenting App is targeting the parents who have children between 0-8 years old. Through this parenting app, ToguMogu is creating a trusted and personalized platform for young parents. From the app, parents can check the regular physical growth, purchase necessary baby products, age-appropriate books, learning toys etc. Parents can also take other necessary services like finding daycare, hire nanny, take a parenting course, newborn photography services too.

ToguMogu parenting app aims to be the one-stop solution for all the parenting support that one family needs.

Why ToguMogu is different?

ToguMogu parenting app is a personalized parenting app – meaning, it will give feedback, suggest products and services based on the age of the child and the location of the parents. If you have a 3-year old child, it will suggest those books that are appropriate for a 3-year old child. Or it will show you the nearby daycare based on your location. It will give you free contents on child health, mental and physical development based on the age of your child.

And that level of personalization will help a young parent to take better decision about their child’s overall wellbeing and growth.

ToguMogu parenting app is getting popular among young urban parents

ToguMogu parenting app is already getting very popular among young urban and working parents. Since October 2020, after the first launch, the app is already downloaded by more than 20,000 parents. It is currently the top parenting app in Bangladesh on Google Play store. The affordable and high quality product available on the platform created the trusted among parents who want to have the best quality product for their children. Babypixels – the baby photography brand of ToguMogu is the pioneer in Bangladeshi market for newborn and pregnancy photography. The most popular category for ToguMogu parenting app is the Children Book category. All the books are categorized based on age and carefully curated and selected. ToguMogu has been the market leader for children book sales in the last 2 years.

What’s new for ToguMogu parenting app?

Nazmul Arefin, the CEO of ToguMogu said, “Since it is a completely new concept for Bangladesh, we wanted to see how young parents react to the app. Mashallah, we got very good response. In the second quarter of 2021, we are going to launch our second version of the app with a more user-friendly interface, personalized experience, and better content.”

Nazmul Arefin also became father just a year-ago during the first wave of COVID-19 in Bangladesh. “As a new parent myself, I wanted to create an app that will also help thousands of parents like me who can turst on a platform for their product, service and for suggestion. I am glad that our team could launch the app during the most crucial time when young parents like me can really benefit from an app like ToguMogu.” he added.

ToguMogu Parenting App
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