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Can you teach Coding to a 4-year old?

It’s probably early for a 4-year old. But these days, parents want to make sure their children stay ahead of others from a very young age. Globally, there is a movement going on regarding teaching coding to young children. This is especially true for Developed countries like USA. But developing countries like India and China are also leading the way to prepare their future generation by teaching coding, robotics and programming to young children.

Anyway, let’s come back to our main question. Can you teach coding to a 4-year old?

No, you can’t. It’s too early. But as a parent, if you want your kid to be a future engineer, computer scientist, data scientist or entrepreneur, you can start working. You can expose him/her to the key concepts of coding or engineering by trying some of the below ideas:

10 Basic Ideas that anyone can do at home

  • Teach them how to use a lock and key.
  • Teach them how to pick a lock.
  • Let them order and arrange your closets, pantry, etc. Teach them how to fold and sort laundry. Being able to sort and categorize is an important fundamental skill.
  • Encourage them to play with physical toys that explore cause and effect. Especially toys when something falls or moves and causes some other action to happen.
  • Buy them LEGO toys; they are one of the best toys to explore building various structures.
  • Teach them how to use the remote control. Show them how you can turn your phone into a remote control.
  • Teach them how to operate electronic devices – TV, Fridge, Toaster, Oven or even Light, Fan, AC etc.
  • Buy activity-based books (e.g Goofi Books)
  • Encourage them to do crafting, make stuff that they can use.
  • Train tracks and road toys instill the concept of circuits and objects that work within a system.

10 Advanced Ideas to try at home with your child

  • Explore everything at home that does something helpful or makes our life easy. Talk about how they work. You don’t need to be an Engineer to explain this.
  • Get a simple electronics kit that will allow them to wire up simple circuits with LED lights and motors.
  • Let them take apart broken electronics and appliances or their remote control toys.
  • Encourage them to invent solutions to their problems, even if the inventions are silly. This is the essential work of any programmer.
  • If there is anything in your house that can be customized, encourage them to customize it. Let them pick colors and designs, decals, arrangements, etc.
  • Teach them how to operate machines.
  • Teach them how to follow a recipe.
  • Get a simple bike combination lock, the kind with three wheels, and show them how to discover the combination by trying all the numbers.
  • Take the cover off an old printer so they can see what it does when it prints.
  • Take apart a hard drive to see what is inside.

That’s all for now. Let us know which are the ideas you are going to try. Can you also think of anything else that might help your child to become a future creator and inventor?

If you try any of them at home, take a picture. Share it on Facebook with #creativekid #kidstime. We will find you and reach out to you for some interesting gifts for you and your future little inventor.

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