Storytelling session

Intelligence has always been the key to deciding whether a child should succeed in the future. At least that is how it was a decade, or even a few years ago. Times have changed. Now, more than intelligence, parents are valuing empathy, peace, and moral values and skills to be more important. However, though putting a child through a systemic box may easily result in their academic success, the same can’t be said about developing emotional values and moral skills.

Keeping all these in mind, Light of Hope with the support of UNHCR organizes a campaign during the months of December and January. The purpose of the campaign is to introduce and launch their new storybook ‘Amar Bondhu Amena’. This is collaborative work between the two. The goal of the campaign is to promote and spread the message of empathy and peace in children. Both organizations have a history of working with children, developing various aspects faced by the newer generation while giving them the scope to learn future skills like- empathy, moral values, social, and emotional skills. 

Kids Time - MG 2961
Tahmina Rahman Sathi telling Stories to children

Story and Storytelling session:

As part of the campaign, our beloved kids time founder  Tahmina Rahman Sathi has become a part of the campaign. From her belief in children and their hidden potential, she is going to children with the message of empathy and peace. Along with Tahmina Rahman Sathi, our friendly, blue, furry monster Bluetooth from Goofi is taking part in spreading this message of empathy and peace. 

Kids Time - MG 3399 scaled
Storytelling session at BAF Shaheen English Medium School

Teaching children about empathy and peace requires them to be constantly surrounded by an environment where they can learn about empathy and peace. That’s why through this campaign we are giving out copies of ‘Amar Bondhu Amena’ to children attending the campaign. This is so that, the message of empathy and peace can spread to more and more children while giving them the opportunity to go back to our message anytime. 

As a part of our Campaign for Empathy and Peace, implemented by Light of Hope supported by UNHCR in Bangladesh we went to BAF Shaheen English Medium School. Tahmina Rahman Sathi shared the story of Amena with the little students of the school with our blue monster Bluetooth right by her side. There are many more schools where we are going with the message of empathy and peace.