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Singapore Math – World Leader in Early Math program for Children

Do you know which country has best Math program for children? Not USA. Not Japan. Not India.

It’s Singapore. The country ranks the top for 20 years. It is a miracle. It is the most advanced math program in schools around the world.

What’s the secret? How Singapore became the global leader in Math learning? How a Math Curriculum turned Singapore into a developed country? We are bringing that secret to Bangladeshi children. So your child learns from the best curriculum and program in the world. That’s why we are introducing Singapore Math Program for Bangladeshi children.

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Singapore Math program has the most advanced math curriculum in the world

Benefits of Singapore Math

Singapore Math program is uniquely designed for Bangladeshi children by Kids Time. The program focuses on Math, Logical Reasoning and Practical Life-skills for children. Students of Singapore Math program became 2 years ahead of the peers. The students learn basic math, geometry, measurement, logical reasoning and practical life skills at an very early age. Students of Singapore Math scores 30-40% higher in Mathematics and Logical Reasoning compared to the students in USA, Australia or UK.

Who can Join Singapore Math Program?

The starting age for Singapore Math Program is 5 Year. There are 4 levels we are introducing now. Any 5-6 Year students can start with Grade 1 (Level 1A & 1B). After completing Grade 1, students can move to Grade 2 (Level 2A & 2B). The total program duration is 2 years. Each grade is 1 Year and Each level is 6 months.

How Singapore Math program will run in Bangladesh?

After enrolling in the program, parents will receive all the necessary books, contents, worksheets delivered to their home. Besides, children will be able to join 1 online class every week. Our highly trained teachers will take LIVE classes with students, do exercises and activities to complete the program. Parents will enroll for the first 6 months (Level 1A). After each level, students will take the assessment. Based on the assessment, students will move to the next level. After completing Grade 1, students will receive the certificate.

When Singapore Math Program is starting in Bangladesh?

We are officially launching the program in May 2021 in Bangladesh. It will only open for 200 seats. Parents can book a seat in advance now. Existing Kids Time parents and those who will sign up early, will get priority.

I am Interested. Where can I book the seat?

The Singapore Math program is only available for 5-6 years old children now. Booking the seat doesn’t mean that your child will be eligible for the program. Booking the seat will not cost you now.