Kids Time Crafting Package-2


Kids Time Crafting Package-2 includes :-

  • 30 pieces of A4 Color Paper
  • 6 pieces of A4 Art Paper
  • 2 pieces of Yarn ball
  • 1 pack of Styrofoam Ball (Small)
  • 1 packet Googly Eye


Course: Crafting

Level: Basic

Age: 4-12

Type: Package-2

Kids Time Crafting Package-2  is for 4-12 years old children. 

Benefits of Kids Time Crafting package: 

  • Improve creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving
  • Improve motor skill, engineering skill, imagination
  • Improve focus, concentration 
  • 200+ hours of engagement for children 
  • Quality time with parents
  • Reduce smart phone addiction

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