Kids Time is one of the leading after-school brands in Bangladesh offering a range of creative courses for children. Our main mission is to prepare children with future skills, and make them happy in life.

We believe great teachers have the power to change the lives of children. That’s why recruiting teachers for Kids Time courses is given the highest priority. So, how we recruit and then train people to become the most awesome teachers?

Here’s the step-by-step process that we follow to recruit the best facilitators and teachers.

Step 1: Finding the right person

Teachers go through a rigorous selection process. In the first step, the teachers apply for the role with short video and CV. The selected group of teachers get call from us for a formal interview. We definitely give value to the previous teaching experience in schools or kindergarten. But surprisingly, we found young university students, fresh graduates who don’t have any experience teaching can also be the right person. We want to see how enthusiastic are they and how creative they can be to engage children.

Step 2: Selection

After the interview, we shortlist the selected group of teachers who we feel can be a good teacher. Usually, only 10% can make it to this step. The remaining 90% don’t make it from the application to the selection process.

kids time online drawing course
Sangeeta joins as Art Teacher and now working as the Art Coordinator

Step 3: Training and Feedback

Before any Kids Time teacher takes any class online or offline, they go through a series of training with us. This training includes basic classroom management, ECD basics, Kids Time standards for taking online or offline classes etc. Some of the training is organized jointly by international trainers to meet global standard of teaching.

They also attend few other online classes taken by existing teachers. After that, they take their first class in presence of senior teachers. They receive feedback from Kids Time management and senior teachers for further improvement.

Step 4: Start the Class

Once they are ready, the Kids Time teachers start taking the online classes independently. All the teachers from different courses virtually meet frequently to discuss the next classes and areas of improvement. Kids Time teachers get regular capacity building opportunities from Light of Hope Ltd. through free access to Teachers Time – where they can take all the courses for free.

Step 5: Building a Career

Although it starts with just taking the class, it doesn’t end there. Teachers who perform well, show dedication and creativity – have the opportunity to move up their career path to the main company. A lot of Kids Time facilitators are currently doing jobs in various multinationals, reputed schools and also within the company itself. Being Kids Time facilitators means it’s a journey for greater learning and improving one’s career. And we believe, kids can teach you a lot. Spending time and teaching kids on various creative issues also make you smarter.

kids time career
Shuvankar Shuvo, our teacher and consultant for puppet production and course

Thinking about Starting your journey?

Kids Time is hiring continuously to meet the growing demand for different creative courses offered by us. If you are interested to start with us, check out the existing positions where we are taking teachers/facilitators.

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