Would you like to take online class from home and earn? Do you have experience teaching 4-12 years old children in Kindergarten Schools?

You can earn 4-times higher compared to your Kindergarten Schools by taking class online for Kids Time. Our teachers can work in flexible hours, earn equal or more than their current job at Kindergarten. They can spend more quality time with their family.

Here’s how.

About Kids Time

Kids Time is the leading institute to prepare children with the right academic and social skills for the future. We follow a strong international curriculum for different courses. We hire, train and retain the best teachers in Bangladesh with an exciting career path. Graduates, existing teachers, ex-teachers who are highly dynamic, can work from home.

You already may hear about our wonderful teacher recruitment and training process from your colleagues. For those who didn’t, we have listed some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that we hear from potential candidates who aspire to become a Kids Time teacher.

Below is the FAQ for aspiring Kids Time Teachers

For which courses or subjects Kids Time is recruiting?

Kids Time is currently recruiting for the following courses: Spoken English, Math, Drawing, Crafting and Coding. Those who already have experience teaching at the school level on these specific subjects will get preference. However, courses like Coding and Crafting don’t need experience in teaching at school.

Who can apply to become a Kids Time Teacher?

Any current or ex-school teacher who has experience teaching children between 4-12 years old, can apply. Graduates with CSE and Engineering backgrounds can apply to become Coding teachers. Graduate with Art and Drawing background can apply to become an Art or Craft teacher.

How we recruit Kids Time Teachers?

Interested candidates need to apply for certain courses that they are interested to teach. After the application process, we will short-list first. It usually takes 7 days to get a call from us for short-listed candidates. We make an online interview with the candidate. Based on the online interview, we finalize the list of who will enter our potential teacher pool.

Next steps after selection

After you are selected from the online interview round, the selected candidates will receive a series of training from Kids Time. This training will be on the curriculum, ECD, children engagement, effective online class, content etc. The total training duration is about 10 days. Those who will complete the training program will also get a Certificate. They can also use the Certificate in their future career in teaching outside of Kids Time. This is a highly competitive and advanced training program that we are providing. The best performing teachers during the Training Period, start batch online from home.

What’s the class time and routine?

Our classes are usually on Friday and Saturday. So we expect the teachers to be free to take class on these days. Besides, we also have batch on weekdays during evening. Depending on your regular batch availability, we will allocate student batch for you. The duration of each class is 40 min – 60 min. The number of students in each batch is 10-15 depending on the course and age of the students.

Do teachers always teach the same students?

Yes, once you are assigned to a batch, you will take regular classes for those students. It is important that same teacher teaches that group of students as they build a strong relationship with both students and parents.

Is there any limit to number of batches I can take?

Depending on the quality of the teacher and availability of the open batch, one teacher can take as many as 4 batches on a single day. We discourage taking more than 4 batches in a single day to ensure high quality and level of energy from the teachers. But interested teachers can take up to 10 batches in total. Every batch gets 2-class per week. So you can take 20 classes per month.

How much teachers can earn every month?

Depending on the number of batches you take, it will vary. We pay based on the classes and students that you are currently handling. Our senior teachers earn BDT 20,000-25,000 per month. Teacher payment goes directly to their bank account each month after calculating their income for that month.

Future career path as Kids Time teacher

You start as a Junior Teacher in Kids Time. Once you start to get more batches and perform well, you will become a Senior Teacher. The next step from Senior Teacher is the Teacher Coordinator, then the Program Coordinator, then Country Program Coordinator where the person is responsible for multiple countries. At each level, there are significant career perks and learning opportunities.

How To Apply

To apply for Kids Time teacher position, click on the below button-

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