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Kids Time brings the best creative minds for your child

Kids Time – the after-school brand is bringing the best creative minds of the country to prepare the children for the future. How about Director of Meena teaches creative art? Or the Sisimpur puppeteer who played Elmo and Shiku teaches puppetry and role play?

Sisimpur puppeteer Shuvangkar Das show the amazing world of puppetry to your child.

Imagine how amazing it will be if your child can learn from the best creative minds the things she love. Your child loves to make story? Great. We have popular children book author to teach that. Your child loves car, rocket – or anything that has to do with science. Great. We have the tech-brain behind Sputnique – an international award winning tech-solution for remote learning.

Meena Director and his team will teach creative drawing and art to your child.

As COVID-19 forced us to stay at home and the future is uncertain when can we actually take our kids outside to do and learn all the things that they love, we are bringing their fun, learning and engagement at your home. And that too from the most amazing group of instructors.

Thanks to the rise of technology and access to the internet, it will now allow us to take this amazing learning experience at your home – in Bangladesh and around the world. Yes, you heard it right. Bangladeshi parents from anywhere in the world now can enroll in our LIVE Online courses for their children.

We are officially launching our new online platform with 4 amazing courses for children between 3-14 years old. These courses are 2-3 month long, with classes on Friday and Saturday. Parents can choose which time is preferable to them and their children. In some courses (Crafting, Puppet Master), we will also send the required materials to the children’s home so that they can make their own crafts or puppets.

The courses are designed for practical and hands-on creative learning. Parents have also the opportunity to learn with their children and spend quality time together.

As we are continuously keeping our centers closed until the situation improves, these online courses will allow existing Kids Time students to choose their courses among the available course options.

Explore the amazing courses, watch the instructors talk, read the course description – and then decide with your child which amazing course she wants to enroll.

Tahmina Sathi & her amazing team will teach crafting and doodling to your child.

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Anik and his team will make your Little Scientist ready for the world.

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