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Kids Time Health Package

Parents are always get worried about their children’s health. If the child becomes ill, the cost of the guardian rises. And they get troubled in choosing doctors and various other complications. Kids Time works for a child’s Creativity and Happiness, so it is thinking about bringing health package according to membership card for ensuring the child’s better health. 

Kids Time Health Package is applicable for only Kids Time registered member and this offer are valid for one year subscribed kids only. Family members are not included in this package.

If one can get to this health package, he/she have to pay a one-time payment and the amount is 20000Taka with including monthly fees and admission fees. This payment should be done within 40 days.

The benefits which remain in this health package:

  1. Doctor Appointments
  2. Home sample collection and report delivery (25% discount)
  3. Medicine home delivery service
  4. Hospitalization cashback- (up to 10,000 Taka)
  5. Outpatient cashback (doctor fee and lab test) – up to 2,000 Taka
  6. Life Insurance- 20,000 Taka


  • Hospitalization Cashback system is pertinent for 2000 Tk per day after admitted to hospital and it will providing from 2nd day to 5th day.
  • In Out-Patient Cashback, claim will provide 1000 Tk for Lab Test purpose and 1000 Tk will provide for Doctors fee.
  • This policy is not applicable for accidental issues.

All children of Kids Time will be covered by this benefit from January 2020. All parents are requested to contact the Coordinator of the Center concerned to find out the formality and terms and conditions. A child admitted for one year will only be covered by this health package.

‘Health is the key to all happiness’ – we know this from an early age. We are inspired by this initiative. We hope that other educational institutions, after-school programs, will be encouraged to take similar initiatives. And we are very proud to offer this service by contracting with Doctorola, a reputable health care sector which is the first initiative in Bangladesh.  


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