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Kids Time Best Drawing Course

Kids Time brings to you the best drawing course for your child. Kids Time has been working since 2017. At this time, kids Time drawing course has already gained huge popularity. We have the best drawing activities for kids ranging from 5- 12 years old.

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How do We Increase Children’s Creativity:

We specialize in increasing children’s creativity. Hence, we worked separately on the matter before starting to draw the course, so that our course can become the best drawing program out there. We want children to learn by themselves.

Our first and foremost priority was to ensure that children are not just copying their teachers. We wanted to teach them to make what they want. We worked on a course that will keep your child happy while increasing their creativity.

So, drawing classes usually teach them to draw circles over and over again to teach children how to draw normal pictures (scenarios). Rather than drawing circles over and over again we teach to draw people, fish, and chickens in the circle. This ensures that your child learns to draw circles while being enthusiastic about the process. over and over again.

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The best Drawing Course and Curriculam :

To create the most effective curriculum we have worked with Kids Time’s special creative team and teachers who have over 15 years of working experience. Here, we worked on the medium of education used and types in a completely separate manner.

The course has been designed on the basis of difficulty level and what your child feels interested in. The difficulty level goes from easy art to hard. The four major components of art- lines, circles, measurements, and perspectives have been included in the curriculum as well.

Let us give you a small example. When a child draws a scenary of the garden, look closely and see how are they really drawing. You will find, a child doesn’t understand measurement or perspective. They draw everything the same size. the flower that’s far back looks the same as the one that’s at the front.

Here, at Kids Time we work on just that. Our drawing activities for kids is designed to teach them measurements and perspectives.

 Recruitment Process of the Drawing Course:

While looking for a drawing teacher we look for 2 more areas other than his expertise. The first thing is how much he enjoys being with the children, and how much the children like his company.

And to be sure of this, we hold some trial classes with the teachers. Where we directly monitor and observe how seriously the child takes every question or interest. We assign our teachers on the basis of their response rate.

The second thing we look at is whether or not the teacher has experience working with young children. There is a big difference between working with older and younger children.

Everything has to be done with a lot of attention and care, especially with the little ones. So, we only recruit teachers who have a certain level of experience working with younger children.

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At Kids Time we are offering an Online Drawing Course as well. Children from all around Bangladesh are attending our classes. Your child can learn with the best curriculum from any of our centers as well.

Children aged between 5- 12 are attending this course. And our offline courses are available at our centers as well. So, wait no more and enroll your child in the best drawing course for kids.


Online Based: https://kidstimebd.com/kids-art-drawing-course/

Center Based: https://kidstimebd.com/kids-art-drawing-course/