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Kids Time participated in IUT Alumni Association Get Together

Islamic University of Technology (IUT) organized their second Alumni Get together on 3rd January 2020. Over 1,100+ Alumni from the country and abroad participated in the program.

Kids Time was the ‘Kids Zone partner’ for the event ensuring the children of the alumni who are visiting have a wonderful time and their parents can enjoy and cherish the whole day.

Kids Time organized drawing, crafting, doodling, and puppet making for the children in the Kids Zone. During the cultural event, all the children who participated in the drawing were provided a gift from Goofi.

Tahamina Rahman, Head of Kids Time, presented the gifts to the children at the stage.

We are glad to be a part of the memory that IUTians cherish so much. And we will be happy to be a part in the future for any such event.

This is not the first time that Kids Time is participating in such family events. Previously, various organizations invited us at their yearly family event to organize innovative, engaging and creative activity for the children.

Since we believe in bringing happiness and creativity among children, we try our best to participate in such events.


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