english learning website for kids

Looking for exceptional but effective tools that can be the ultimate solution for your kid’s English learning journey? Then why bother when amazing English learning websites are available there for your little learners?

The kid’s English learning website offers a unique combination of interactive activities and engaging content. You know these websites play an essential role in the pace of education where the children can actively engage with learning English.

But when the matter is about children’s learning, there is no such thing as enough information, right? Which website will be best for optimum kid’s learning, the thought is sure head spinning as parents. That’s why here we are with a comprehensive guide. Just read on!

Criteria for Choosing English Learning Websites For Kids

No wonder while searching for a kid’s English learning website, you must have come across more than just a number of websites available there.

But which one will be just the right choice for your little kids, or how you should choose one? 

To clear up all that confusion and help you out, here are the criteria that a good learning website has. Get to know it before choosing one.

Educational Quality

When choosing a website for English learning for your kids, the first criterion is the high educational quality of the websites.

For instance, an English learning website that aligns with the established educational standard or curriculum should be best for your kids to learn the language.

Moreover, a high-quality English learning website has clear learning objectives that you may expect in the way of learning. You should also take note of the teaching techniques, and the methods of the website before choosing it for your kids.

The teaching techniques and methods should be creative, engaging, and problem-solving, offering the ultimate English learning solution for your little kids.

Engagement And Interactivity

The more engaging the teaching process and methods of the website, the more your kids will like to learn and can enhance their skills.

They should offer a number of interactive activities like games, puzzles, quizzes, or engaging videos. Through this, your children can explore the different aspects of English language learning in a fun way.

One more crucial criterion is that the website has a user-friendly interface. If the website is not easily negotiable by the children or they can’t access the learning features easily, it will be no help in the learning process. It will create only confusion and frustration.

Additionally, it should contain age-appropriate content that matches the children’s language proficiency level. The content should not be too simple or too hard for its targeted audience.

Progress Tracking And Assessment

The teaching and learning process is not only about offering teaching from one side and only gaining knowledge from the other side.

A good English learning website contains all those features by which the parents and even the students can assess their progress.

They should get to know how much they are improving or where they need improvement. For instance, progress reports. Moreover, assessment tools like quizzes or tests. It helps a lot in enhancing language learning skills and has a progression.

Another crucial thing is that the learning features of the website should be adaptive. It means that the site should have the feature to adjust the difficulty level according to the learning progression of the children and match their skill level.

Safety And Privacy

With the rapid advancement of technology, safety becomes the most crucial thing to consider while choosing a website so that your kids do not face online risks like exposure to inappropriate content.

And that’s the most essential criterion to look at when choosing a learning website for kids, no matter whether it is for English learning or any other.

The website should contain children-friendly content that is educational, age-appropriate, and free from any inappropriate content, texts, or images.

Moreover, as for the online safety for the kids while learning, there should be Ad-free or minimal advertising.

Accessibility And Affordability

Last but not least, the criteria of a kid’s English learning website are affordability and accessibility. The website you will choose for English learning for your kids should be accessed on various devices like computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

It will allow the children to engage with the learning according to their convenience. You should also evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a website along with its quality before finalizing one.

A good website has free or affordable learning options so that even underserved communities or families can also get the light of knowledge.

Top 10 English Learning Websites For Kids

Well now that you know the criteria of a good English learning website, you may want to know some websites that align with all those features.

Here we are to help you with that also. Below are some best English learning websites that can be good for your kids in the learning process. Just check it out below.

kids time

Exceptional Features:

  • Premium after-school program
  • Best for creative children
  • Live courses, recorded courses, and center-based course
  • Spoken English, drawing, math crafting, and so on
  • Offer courses for 4 to 12 years old kids

Let’s first discuss one of the best English learning websites suitable for kids, 

With over 1000+ students, 4000+ creative graduates, and 120+ published storybooks, Kids Time has gained its place as one of the top choices of both parents and kids in the learning pace.

It offers several courses that focus on creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and the enhancement of emotional intelligence. Like, live online courses, center-based courses, and recorded courses.

As for learning from home, Kids Time offers some amazing live online courses that your children can join from anywhere in the country or abroad sitting at home.

CourseSuitable For
Spoken English course5 to 12 years
Singapore math course5 to 8 years
Drawing course5 to 12 years
Crafting course4 to 10 years
british council

Exceptional Features:

  • World’s English teaching experts
  • Free online games, songs, stories, and activities for children.
  • Developing literacy skills
  • Suitable for children aged 5–12 years

British Council Learn English Kids is an amazing source in the way of learning English for kids. The website offers a range of interactive games, songs, stories, and activities that effortlessly make learning English effective as well as enjoyable.

One of the main features of the site is that it focuses on language learning through fun, no monotonous activities that kick the kids away from studying.

Along with the children, the British Council Learn English Kids has articles for the parents. They are effective and supportive in learning English. The parents can use them to teach their kids at home and get to know about the English courses for the children.

duolingo language learning

Exceptional Features:

  • Fun and effective way to learn
  • Free mobile app and web
  • Course for 37 language
  • Reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills
  • Offer courses for up to 6 years old kid

Learning in a fun way can sometimes feel unreal, but with Duolingo, it works. Research on Duolingo shows that 9 out of 10 learners feel confident after speaking for one month with Duolingo.

With Duolingo, there may be bite-sized lessons, but your children can learn on points and unlock their potential. Not just learning English, the website takes pride in teaching more than 30 languages.

The teaching contents of Duolingo are enough to effectively read, learn, listen, and speak for children up to 7 years old.

With the combination of research-based teaching methods and delightful, Duolingo has created courses that help to develop well-rounded skills. Moreover, with the free mobile app and website, it is easy to navigate by the children.

games to learn english

Exceptional Features:

  • Selection of games
  • Practice learning English in a fun way
  • Suitable for pre K to 8th grade

Games To Learn English is a free online site for kids to learn English. It is an educational platform that offers a variety of interactive games in the way of learning English.

The site features games that aim to improve the vocabulary, sentence structure or grammar making is suitable for little learners of pre K to 8th grade. The easy interface of the website allows the kids to access without any confusion or difficulties.

The diverse game selection of the games to learn English encourages the kids for the self-paced learning and assists to maintain the interest of the little learners.

So, as a parent, if you want to offer your children an effective English learning site in a fun way, a game to learn English can be an ideal choice!

Kids Time - Dinolingo learning website

Exceptional Features:

  • Best way to learn English for kids
  • Language learning app & website
  • Online games, videos, songs, books, posters, flashcards and worksheets.
  • Designed for children aged 2–14 years old

Dinolingo is one of the best online sites for learning English for kids through online games, songs, videos, posters, books, worksheets and flashcards. With the award-winning English language website and app, Dinolingo offers an interactive and fun way for kids to learn.

The site is designed for kids aged from 2 to 14 years old including toddlers, preschoolers, schoolers, elementary and primary school students.

However , for kids 2 years or less than that, Dinolingo recommends limiting audio and visual exposure for about only 10 to 20 minutes a day.

You can get the unlimited Dinolingo english course for your mobile, android, laptop, PC tablet with a fixed monthly fee. It is only about $19 per month. Amazing thing is that you can cancel any time, no contracts or no extra cost.

kidlingo english learning

Exceptional Features:

  • English speaking course for kids
  • Live lessons
  • Talking and engaging communication
  • Improving English speaking skills
  • Suitable for 4 to 12 years old children

Kindlingo is an exceptional online English site which offers effective courses in the way of improving the English speaking, English talking and communication.

The courses provided by the Kidlingo is based on the British council teaching standard and highly values enhancing the English skills of the kids aged 4 to 12 years.

Moreover, the site uses a unique combination of teaching elements like live teaching with highly engaging contents. The teaching and learning methods of the Kidlingo are according to the different learning skills and level of the kids.

All in all, it is a unique opportunity for the kids to practice and improve their speaking, communication skills and conversation with highly efficient English courses.

So, take advantage of the opportunity and offer the best to your little kids in the English language learning.

Kids Time - Kids World Fun

Exceptional Features:

  • Learning english and english grammar in a fun way
  • Stories, poems, books, videos, games and activities to learn english
  • Suitable for pre-teens

In the way of an effective English learning website for the little learners, Kids world fun is one of the most engaging and interactive ones that you will love to choose. The site offers a fun way of learning the boring and hard English grammar with a variety of resources like stories, books, games, videos and so on activities.

Here the children can learn different aspects of English grammar like sentences and their types, pronouns, adjectives, contusion, interjection, verbs and many more.

So, make the hard grammar learning a breeze with the kids’ world fun.

Kids Time - ESL tower

Exceptional Features:

  • Online database of activities, worksheets, and games
  • English grammar & vocabulary, quizzes, crosswords, fun puzzles
  • Suitable for kids and students

ESL Tower is an online database that combines various activities, games, worksheets, and videos that help children in learning English as a second language.

Among the variety of activities, some of them simply include English grammar and vocabulary quizzes, Puzzles, Crosswords, Word searches, Phonetic vowel and consonant exercises, Grammar worksheets, or printable grammar and vocabulary exercises.

oxford owl

Exceptional Features:

  • Educational resources and expert advice
  • Online writing program for 4-11 year olds
  • Free ebooks for 3- to 11-year-olds
  • Practical assistance in English

Oxford Owl is a website by the Oxford University Press and offers education websites and resources. It helps the kids and children in the practical help of learning English like grammar, handwriting, spelling, and creative writing.

Moreover, the site offers resources on Reading schemes and Oxford Levels, Phonics, Kids’ activities, Blog with tips and learning ideas for parents.

Kids Time - BBC Learning English

Exceptional Features:

  • Lower to intermediate level English learning
  • English learning courses, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and so on.
  • Suitable for the 6 to 12 years old children

Now let’s come to the last but not the least, BBC Learning English. The site offers an effective way to teach English to kids.

The courses of the BBC Learning English are enough to learn grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and so on.

Moreover, the educational site also has short story videos for children by which they can easily learn lower to intermediate english.


Well, you see there are a number of good websites available out there for little learners that are interactive and engaging. Actually, in a way, these interactive websites offer the benefits to the kids that often the traditional ones may lack.

For instance, you can say, games, engaging activities, or educational videos may not be available in the traditional educating methods. With these good English learning websites, your kids not only learn English but also enhance their skills with interactive practices.

So just choose the best English learning website for kids and help your little children learn and progress in a fun and effective manner.