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Why 50% doctors are taking Kids Time courses for their children?

Interestingly, 50% of the parents who are taking our Kids Time courses are doctors. We can now say, Kids Time – recommended by Doctors. 🙂

In our recently survey among parents, we found that more than 50% parents are doctors. It seems that doctors do understand the importance of such creative courses that Kids Time is offering to prepare children with different important skills. Since they understand the value of early brain development, stimulation for young children, they believe that activities and the way Kids Time is engaging children in their courses, do improve their children’s overall creative development.

The rest of the 50% represents – higher officials in various MNCs (Multi-national companies), and business person. The CEOs, other C-level officials, and business person occupies 30% of the parents. Rest 20% are Engineers, Govt. officials, bankers.

It shows that a certain group of parents value the work that we have been doing for the last 3 years in Bangladesh. During COVID-19, we’ve closed all of our 8 centers and started online. Besides our previous courses in the Kids Time centers, we are now offering both LIVE Courses and Recorded Courses.

The recorded courses varies in theme and interest by the children – Storymaking course, Solar scientist, Learning magic tricks, Puppet maker courses. It allows students to learn at their own pace and own time. The children can access to these courses up to 1 year after the course purchase.

The LIVE Courses that we are running 2 days per week are also offered to parents anywhere from Bangladesh, including parents living outside of Bangladesh. We are also getting students from UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore. Every week, we are starting new batches online.

Interested parents can simply purchase courses online by visiting the website. Or call us at 01979774064.

For upcoming LIVE Course batches of Kids Time, check this link:

Upcoming LIVE Course

For the recorded course, check this link:

Recorded Course