4 Values that we maintain in our Kids Time centers

4 Values that we maintain in our Kids Time centers

July 2, 2018 Education Parenting 0


In Kids Time, we strongly maintain some ‘core values’ for our children. We try our best to maintain them and encourage the parents to do the same with their children at home. Years of experience working with children teach us few things. We are thrilled to share them with our parents in this article.

Here are the 4 values that we promote in our Kids Time centers:

Every child is different

Dear parents, keep this in mind, please. Your child is different than other’s child. She thinks differently, learns differently and interacts differently. We recognize that. And took necessary measures so that we can nurture every child’s difference. We know every child is creative. Our job is to bring out the inner creativity of your child. That why in our classroom, we don’t take more than 20 students. And we keep 4 facilitators for one class. This means, for every 5 students we have 1 facilitator. This allows us to give individual attention to every child and bring out the true potential.

We never compare

We never compare one child with another or one child’s work with another. Since we recognize that every child is different, every child’s work is different too. We never say, your work is better than him or worse than her. This really hurts the confidence of a child.

We encourage our parents not to do the same. When you compare and tell your child is her work is bad compared to other kid, you are damaging the confidence of your child.

We encourage mistakes

We encourage making mistakes. If a child doesn’t make mistakes, how she is going to learn anything. We encourage them to try new things. We run an education system in our country where making mistakes is the worst thing a child can do. This doesn’t encourage creativity and innovation.

Our request to all parents is to encourage their children to make mistakes. Encourage them to take risks, try new things. If they are afraid of making mistakes, she will never come up with anything original.

We give children the freedom

The reason children love our courses is that we give them the freedom to express themselves. They feel that Kids Time is a place where they can truly express themselves without being judged. And when you give freedom to children, they come up with amazing things.

In crafting, creative design or story making, we only give some guidelines and helps the children to develop their own product. We try not to intervene at every step. We tell them to do the way they want to do.

And that’s the secret why children love working with us. Dear parents and teachers, try that at home and at school. You’ll have as much fun as we do.


So, that’s it. These are the 4 ‘core values’ that we maintain in Kids Time. And we expect the parents who enroll their children in our centers, also do so. Parents are your partners in this journey where together we can bring the best out of our children.



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