Kids Time offering Corporate Service for Employees and their Children

Kids Time offering Corporate Service for Employees and their Children

August 31, 2018 News 0

Kids Time – the children’s brand on creativity – is offering various services to corporate, MNC and various organizations.

This is a special article for people working in corporate and different organizations. Those who have been following us for quite some time know what Kids Time stands for, what we do. For new readers: We are a brand that helps children to unleash their creativity, problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence. We are also the largest Bangladeshi after-school program operator with multiple centers in Dhaka and Chittagong.

But many are not aware that we also work with different organizations and corporations in a number of ways. In today’s article, we are going to briefly touch on these. So that people who are working in different organizations can get these values from us.

So, here we go.

We organize fun-packed family event for corporate and social clubs

Almost all the big companies run an annual family event where employees bring their family members including their children. Well, often the children don’t want to come and feel bored. So, the wife or husband also don’t want to attend because someone needs to take care of the child. And it’s not a ‘family event’ anymore.

When we work with companies we bring some interesting elements. Our team set up different booths in the event locations where children can participate in various creative activities: crafting, creative design, making puppet etc. Parents also can join in these activities with their children. It’s so fun and engaging that children don’t even bother where their parents are for 4-5 hours or for the entire program.

IDLC Ltd. Family Event where children and parents learn to make various crafting and puppet.


Click the picture below to see all the wonderful pictures of IDLC Ltd. Family Event.

Different social clubs also organize various family events where we support them to spend some wonderful time with children doing creative activities.

Cadet College Club organized a huge event for the children of their members.


Even if it’s outside Dhaka, we are there too.

Our activity with Tripzip Winter Camp in Mouchak Scount Center at Gazipur



If you are planning to organize a family event in your organization at the end of this year or early next year, simply give us a call to discuss how we can help. Here’s the number: 01771588494.



We organize parenting workshop for your office employee 

Parenting is getting more complicated and demanding task nowadays with both parents are working. Young parents who have children between 2-8 years old have hard times focusing on their children mental development, academic performance and future skills like creativity or problem-solving skill.

You can invite us to your office to organize a half-day or full-day session on particular issues and topics related to parenting.

By the way, you can also ask your colleagues to enroll in our online course on parenting. This you can start today.

You can click the below picture to register directly for the online course on parenting.

Organizations who offer these type of special service for their employees, get a higher return in terms of loyalty to the organization and motivation. Employees see their employers as someone who also cares about their personal and family life.

Special Gifts for your ‘Parent Employees and Colleagues’ 

Everyone loves when someone gives a gift to their children. And they love it, even more, when that gift is well-thought. Instead of giving a random remote-controlled car or Barbie doll, you can give them our Kids Time Crafting Package. This is the first such product for children to do various types of crafting and creative design. There are 3 packages for different age groups. Hundreds of children in Bangladesh already using the packages to explore their creativity. Children just simply love this amazing product.

Organizations can also get the product as a promotional item to formally gift it to their valuable customers or to business clients or partners who have children.

Click the picture below to find our different crafting and creative design packages for the different age group of children. They are also available on our partner ToguMogu‘s online platform for order.

Kids Time packages are the ‘first-of-its-kind’ product on crafting and creative design for children in Bangladesh


So, seeing anything that you would love to have in our company or organization? Give us a call at 01771588494. 








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